Why is it necessary to implement the occupational health and safety model in telework spaces? All the administrative and operational jobs of a company are at risk of suffering illnesses or accidents at work. These threats are also present in teleworkspaces. For this reason, it is important to take into account the benefits of implementing the SG-SST (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) model in your organization:

  • Establish a diagnosis of TSS in the Telework environment.
  • Check the legal conditions that this process requires.
  • Review the conditions required for the performance of officials in Telework
  • Receive specialized advice for the efficient performance of the Telework process

According to the analysis carried out by ASERTEMPO COLOMBIA, leader in human talent.

The abrupt change employees face in quickly adopting the telework prototype without prior planning has the following risks:

Psychosocial risks:

These are the working conditions that affect the employee’s mental health, stress, depression, demotivation, uncertainty, lack of concentration and anxiety that a collaborator may experience when he is not prepared to adapt to the telework model.

Physical health risks:

They are all those conditions that affect their physical health, sedentary lifestyle, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, eyestrain, high blood pressure, heart disease, among others, that put the health and productivity of the employee at risk.

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