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Asertempo Colombia S.A.

Is a Colombian company with extensive experience in the human talent management market, whose objective is to promote the integral and sustainable development of the employee and their family, generating a wide range of alternatives and work opportunities, always seeking the satisfaction of user companies, all within the framework of current legal regulations.

Payroll outsourcing and hiring

Development of high quality processes according to the needs of our clients …



The diagnosis, implementation , and maintenance of the organization’s SG-SST is carried out …

Temporary Personnel

Processes developed with highly trained professional personnel ….




Selection and evaluation of personnel

We select and evaluate the personnel you need for management in your organization.


Factors Measurement
Psychosocial Risk

Identify and evaluate risk factors psychosocial intralaboral, extralaboral

Security studies

We verify that the personnel that enters your organization are totally reliable.


Home visits

We inform about the social, family and cultural environment in which a candidate who enters an organization is …


Implementation of telework

Start with the planning phase, make a diagnosis using formats defined by law, establishing evidence …

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Services for active staff

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Strategic leaders in the management of human talent

On April 16, 2021, we were once again certified by ICONTEC under the ISO 9001 standard in its latest version 2015, reaffirming our strategic leadership in human talent management within the quality management system.