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Selection and evaluation of personnel

Asertempo Colombia has efficient search engines, recruitment channels from the web portal, alliances with various entities through officials in the recruiting processes.


Once the best-trained staff of applicants has been selected, they are summoned to the facilities where they are evaluated by expert selection professionals, applying specialized tests to each one, as the case may be.

Likewise, a personal interview with the team of psychologists is established with each candidate to complement the evaluation; in order to guarantee the client the suitability of the staff for the requested position.

Hiring and induction:

It is legalized before the respective entities EPS, AFP, ARP and the Compensation Fund, the hiring of the staff selected by the user company to start work

Payroll settlement and payment

  • Payroll settlement is made to employees according to the period established by the entity.
  • The payment report is sent electronically for internal company processing.
  • By means of a reliable software, the necessary social security payment supports are made and delivered to carry out operations within the company.
  • The collaborator is given the payment item either physically or electronically, in case he does not obtain it by either of these two means, the employee can enter the web portal to download it.

Staff development and well-being:

Activities are carried out for the welfare of collaborators on mission and user companies such as:

  • Celebrating special or significant dates throughout the year.
  • Training
  • Development of Safety and Health at Work activities.

Personnel selection outsourcing

Selection and evaluation of the personnel required by the user company, with the competencies defined for the correct performance of the position.


Have an expert human resources partner to select and hire the right staff for your organization.
Increase the competitiveness of your company in the market
Application of last generation psychotechnical evaluations to establish different profiles
Effectiveness in the selection of positions for the different levels of the organization
Selection of talented staff and skills required by your organization
Specialize selection processes according to the sector to which your company belongs.
Increase the efficiency of the human resources area.


Efficient search processes are carried out in recruitment channels, once the best-trained applicants have been selected, they are summoned in the facilities to apply projective tests of personality, knowledge and specific skills, among others.

The success of the selection and evaluation process that the company requires is ensured through the execution of the following stages:

Definition of the position profile:

Raising the profile with the client, conditions of the position based on the elements of the culture of the companies.

Recruitment of resumes:

Guarantees in the execution of the recruitment processes, psychotechnical evaluation and psychological interview.

Application of psychotechnical tests:

Specialized professionals are responsible for applying and evaluating the skills required by the entity.

Psychological interview:

Psychology professionals analyze competencies and motivations, review achievements, and define how well candidates meet the required profiles.

Verification of employment references:

Verification of job performance is performed in previous jobs.

Sending candidates to the client company:

They are sent to the candidates who meet the profile for each of the positions subject to the process.

Process guarantee:

If the person decides to withdraw or the client company does not meet expectations, the same process is performed again completely free of charge once.

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