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Security studies

Through this service, we seek to establish for our client the veracity of the information and documentation provided by the applicant with reference to their studies, old jobs, family group, etc., and their fiscal, legal and legal situation is also established and verified.



Concentrate your efforts and talent on the development and growth of your business.
Reduce and control risks in contracting processes.
Verify labor certifications validating: income, reasons for withdrawal, behavior and observations.
Obtain absolute confidentiality.
Get legal advice.
Verify the authenticity of related academic studies on your candidate's resume.
Verify job performance directly with immediate bosses, reason for retirement, among others.
We verify the personnel that enters your organization through security studies at different levels.


Have an expert ally in human resources, who can contribute with adjusted analyzes that help to make decisions in the employees that are hired..

Level I - Background

Consultation before national and international databases that throw criminal, contravention records and information that prevent criminal acts within the contracting company.

  • Natural person background
  • Legal entity background

Level II - Referencing

Validation process carried out in order to investigate the related information in the respective résumés of the people who will be linked to the job.

Level III - Home visit

Verification of position, times, achievements, among other companies where the candidate previously worked.

Natural person

This visit is made to people who are in the process of joining a company which consists of field work.

Legal person

This visit is made to companies, corporations or institutions with which it is planned to establish business relationships.

IV Level - Polygraphy

Through instruments, a high degree of effectiveness is obtained in detecting risk factors such as theft, fraud and illegal acts committed within organizations.

  • Pre-employment exam.
  • Routine exam.
  • Specific examination.

V Level - Financial study

It consists of the review in the credit information centers about the payment behavior and the credit morality of the analyzed.

Financial Studies:

Review and verification of the credit morality situation that a person has within the financial system.

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