With the digital transformation and the number of alternatives that technology offers, it is clear that the way of working has changed. There are many advantages that work at home brings; During this time, the multiple benefits generated by job positions that facilitate the execution of work under this modality are more visible.

In Colombia, there are three types of telework: Autonomous, Supplementary and mobile. Therefore, the performance and responsibilities vary depending on the tasks to be executed and the profile of the worker; However, the qualities and characteristics of the people who carry out this position are greatly reduced to the necessary competencies that the worker must have, so that, although it cannot be generalized, it is important that the person has a Outstanding personal discipline, a combination of knowledge of the activities to be carried out, communication skills, teamwork and great ability to use technological tools.

In most cases, the teleworking professions are related to information and communication. Other professions that are present in this modality are writers, translators, content editors, consultancies, programming, graphic arts, computer services, health care services, audiovisual arts, advertising, public relations, among others.

The profiles that best adapt to this modality are governed by: Professional competence; the worker must have a solid training and technological competence; Work tools are an important part because the world of work communicates using these as communication channels, social competence; ease of adaptation and ability to relate. The home-based person must take into account the change in mindset and method required to work from a remote location.

In addition to personal and professional qualities, work at home requires that the person have the capacity for concentration, organization and commitment, with this they must also be self-sufficient people, with the ability to separate professional life from private life. However, not all professions are suitable or facilitate this modality, for this reason it is important to take into account which is the field that allows with the work at home to benefit the saving of costs and resources, increasing productivity with the execution of the same.

It is clear that the personal and professional profile that accompanies the worker must be specific with the type of work that he performs, however the self-motivation, the adaptability that the person possesses, the self-determination and the planning that these people generate, will be key aspects for the execution of the tasks to be carried out. All these skills allow the employee to perform an efficient job and generate the advantages that the modality offers.

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