Asertempo Colombia has as a fundamental objective that your company obtain benefits and / or economic profitability. For this reason, we create strategic alliances that allow you to streamline your processes within your company.

Currently many companies choose outsourcing for several of their processes and among others that of human resources in their different aspects, thus they concentrate more time and resources on key activities for the growth of their companies, because they leave in the hands of experts those processes that they can delegate and thus generate the confidence that the results offer them.

Generating benefits and utilities such as:
  • Acquisition of new value propositions in human resources issues and also, reduces the costs of training personnel.
  • Cost savings in legal and / or labor services, since Asertempo Colombia is in charge of accompanying and / or advising with the processes of the collaborators and the company.
  • Selection processes: Asertempo Colombiaimplements specific tests for applicants, clearly establishing within the process, the ideal professional mechanisms, which result in the adequate and adjusted selection of the necessary profiles that the company requires.
  • Its staff will have the necessary experience to perform the tasks with the highest possible quality, Asertempo Colombia is in charge of hiring the best workers in their fields and thus making quality filters.
  • Savings in fixed costs, such as payroll administration and hiring processes, handling of all administrative and legal matters that must be reported, and those inherent in managing collaborators on mission.

In conclusion, Asertempo Colombiaperforms these tasks for you, being your strategic ally and operating with quality and confidence.

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