Companies often require to delegate processes that make their work more productive, for that reason, Asertempo Colombiaoffers you 4 Services that influence organizations to concentrate their efforts on the development of their business, leaving in the hands of experts those matters that can alleviate their administrative and operational burden.

Reduce and control operational costs:

By implementing the hiring and payrolloutsourcing service, you can do without a human resources department in your company, since with this alliance in the hands of experts, it facilitates a process that allows the company to dedicate itself to its productive projects, reducing costs of operation.

Work Contract Settlements:

Asertempo Colombia offers an effective settlement process for the organization and for the employee, efficiently managing the control of withdrawals and the respective supports, which make the user and collaborators obtain in an orderly and adequate manner the legal supports for the entities of control.


Asertempo Colombia offers pre-payroll preparation services, handling of payroll news files, preparation of the final payroll and the generation of flat files for dispersion and payment in banks.

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