Digital transformation has allowed organizations from the technological field to automate processes, offer a better customer experience supported by data analysis, however the concerns of senior managers of companies is computer security, for this reason it is important to invest in efficient security systems and create a strategy to train employees on the importance of creating safe virtual spaces from work at home.

To get started, we suggest implementing these 10 basic and simple recommendations that your collaborators can apply to safeguard the computer security of the organization.

1. Before you start using your personal PC for work purposes, ask the computer area to install applications and antivirus to prevent theft of information with malicious software.

2. Avoid sending information via personal email, Whatsap or Facebook,choose better to use the organization’s corporate mail.

3. For no reason write down passwords in notebooks, cell phones, note block,documents in word, the best option to take care of the keys is to memorize them or use a password manager, for example: Lastpass

4. Change the key periodically from access to WIFI and for no reason connect to open wireless networks.

5. Keep your computer’s operating system up to date.

6.Log out when you are not using the company’s applications.

7. Ask your company for storage media such as memories or hard drives to periodically back up information, keep it in a safe place.

8.Do not download games, movies or applications that are not necessary, this will prevent the installation of programs that steal information, as far as possible intended that device only to work on company documents.

9. Always verify the URL of the web page you are accessing and make sure it is a secure site.

10. Do not bank transactions from borrowed computers and always enable two-factor authentication so you can have a second key to validate banking transactions.

Finally, remember that by applying these recommendations you are minimizing the risks of a cyber attack on your organization, all employees should be aware and responsible for the risks they will face from work at home and thus by the hand of everyone to take care of and safeguard the organization.

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