One of the first things to keep in mind when you are out of a job is not to sit still. Sitting at home watching television, or watching newspapers from time to time, is a sure way to stay unemployed. Not only because you won’t be able to get a job like that, but because your body and mind are losing the habit of staying busy.

Not to mention that there are several problems that you will have to face when you are unemployed: a large number of people competing for a job, especially the younger ones, lack of experience or preparation, lack of knowledge of the ways to apply to a job, higher aspirations than the market offers and most importantly lack of desire to work.

Try to use the time to update and improve your resume, and do the errands that correspond to finding a job. Take out or update your Judicial Past, the Single Tax Registry -RUT- or the documents you need to start a selection process. Also take advantage of your time to improve your training to work or to have another type of economic activity.

If you lost your job, or just finished high school or higher, and feel like resting, avoid doing so. Your well-deserved vacation may lead you to lazy work and delay your entry or re-entry into the job market. However, take a short time (a weekend or equivalent) to think and consult with your family or friends about the most appropriate decisions to get active again.

No matter what your case is, don’t give up on the job search, try to keep your emotions balanced so you don’t become demoralized by rejection. Be aware that you only find the people you are looking for carefully, and focus your body and mind on achieving this goal.

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