Service management Security managementis one of the additional services offered by the service Asertempo Colombia, to facilitate and optimize recruitment processes, to facilitate user companies to be able to have better information on candidates and to reduce risk in the team of collaborators who will enter the company.
Basic tips to keep in mind in an efficient security study process.

Detailed study of the CV:

Many recruitment and selection agencies rely solely on what they read on the resume without doing further research on the applicant. At Asertempo Colombia we carry out detailed studies of the information, both the candidate’s qualities, his qualities, his abilities, his job and personal reference of his personal and financial morality through specialized processes that verify this behavior.

Home visities:

In Asertempo Colombia We recommend being able to make home visits of the applicants, to help the company to obtain information that is in the resume and that must be verified and some that is not and that can be evidenced when the specialized professional is going to review the visit field.

Review of legal aspects, tax and legal situation.

At Asertempo Colombiasecurity studies are carried out focused on the legal and legal review of all our applicants to hire, through a series of controls and reviews that facilitate the decision-making of the user company regarding the issue of hiring staff.

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