One of the most important requirements when applying for an interview is to make sure of the activities to be carried out, in this way you will be able to know if you have the appropriate skills and attitudes to achieve that job position, so it is important that you never lie Regarding the activities that you can carry out, since sooner or later if you do it, you will be exposed and it may generate unpleasant and lost consequences in the possible subsequent referencing processes.

Show insecurity

When you are being evaluated for a position in an organization, it is important to look confident and confident in your knowledge and skills, respond promptly and calmly to questions, and always carry a good attitude. Although it is true that being evaluated generates nerves and anxiety and eventually insecurity, it is worth focusing your attention on what you really know how to do, on what you know, so that this helps you with the security that is required at the time of the questions that you can master and that are directly related to what you master.

Do not put a clear resume

It is very important to be concise with what we want to express in our resume, avoid putting experiences that are not related to the positions to which you are going to apply, in addition to that, do not include job references that are not easy to corroborate and that can be forceful at the time of being reviewed and that contribute with a good contribution to the possible hiring process.

Failing to clearly define your skills and competencies

Many times due to the desire to be hired, we talk more than necessary about our capabilities, we are not clear on what we can do, Polifuncionales advises you to always be honest since, no matter how much you want to appear, polygraphy tests will always get the truth afloat, especially when the review process of the questionnaires is established to review very specific aspects regarding what a person wants to explore. And although these predictive tests are not the real truth, they can give the analyst an important tendency about what they want to review in the evaluated person.

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