The most valued and necessary work skills for successful companies. Taking this information into account when hiring can help you improve the level of talent in your company.

1.Ability to work as a team:

This capability is considered because when an employee is able to work harmoniously with and complements their team, scheduled activities arise in a better way.

It is important that the candidate has the ability to delegate, value and accept the competences of others, reach agreements, generate constructive dialogues that manage to resolve conflicts and propose solutions for all together, without putting their personal interests first. Teamwork is critical for a successful company.

2.Adaptation to change:

Second, of the skills most valued by companies is that the worker can face changes every day: more demanding customers, new competitors and new technologies that arise every day. Companies demand professionals who are able to adapt to the most resounding and difficult-to-implement changes.

3.Results orientation:

Thirdly, it is sought that the professional will be able to have the objectives clear enough, be consistent in the daily effort, bet on quality systems, monitor the relationship between resources and results, finally define measurement indicators that help measure the level of evolution of the tasks and determine whether or not they fit the target set.

4.Ability to make decisions:

One of the most demanded and difficult skills to find in professionals. Specifically, according to the results, the ability to make decisions, the ability to solve conflicts and problems, pressure tolerance and the ability to adapt to change are, according to companies, the four most difficult soft skills to find in employees.


Knowing how to prioritize issues, meet goals and deliver work in reasonable times is a skill that many professionals do not possess, especially those young people who still fail to adapt to the demands demanded by work in a company.

6.Ability to manage data:

Information is one of the most important resources for companies, so one of the competencies that human resources professionals should look at in their candidates is the ability to analyze and manage the information provided to them.
Another very important part is having the ability to generate reports that leave each task recorded correctly, that possesses a technical language, with clear and specific content; in addition to the respective analyses that are very useful, especially at the quantitative level.

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