Among the factors to consider when designing your efficient and healthy home office is important to have the amount of natural light that the jobs will have during the day. Because sunlight intervenes in numerous biological processes through natural cycles of light and darkness.

There is a close relationship between natural light and physical health so it is necessary to find lighting solutions that energie the body and revitalise the mind: when people feel better, they work better.

In this sense, the CEO of Contract ensures that the optimal lighting level for a given task corresponds to the one that results in higher performance with minimal fatigue, considering both the task and the actual conditions in which it will be performed.

How to take advantage of natural light: The amount of sunlight that actually enters the interiors of your home office is fluctuating due to factors such as the orientation of the building and its context, its size and morphology, weather conditions, time of day, types of openings, among others.

Due to the variability of the resource, it is always necessary to complement natural lighting with artificial lighting. It is currently possible to harmonize both light sources through the use of control systems, thus achieving a reduction in electricity consumption and substantial energy savings.

If we consider that lighting accounts for almost 20% of a company’s total electricity expenditure, having an efficient lighting system that contemplates optimizing the use of natural light can result in energy savings of up to 80%, while contributing to the reduction of the ecological footprint.

In the expert’s words, a good application of natural light contributes to creating a more comfortable and satisfactory environment for workers, this directly affects their productivity and generates a positive impact on the profitability of companies.

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