Asertempo Colombiahas the benefit of hiring and payroll outsourcing. In this way we support our clients’ processes in: hiring, payroll, proper management of disabilities, liquidations and preparation of social security forms. With this, we seek to manage these responsibilities and with the commitment to always meet the proposed objectives and in the best possible way. Because we are experts in the optimization and administration of human resources, and we understand that these processes are fundamental in companies and their malfunction can cause inconveniences and affect organizations in their administrative and human resources structure.

In Asertempo Colombia We have a permanent legal team, and so in this way we keep ourselves updated in the current legal regulations in these matters, taking care of companies and advising their internal processes and guaranteeing that there are no claims by employees and complying with current legislation, In addition to ensuring that employees are hired with all the guarantees provided by law for the purposes of reassurance that they are with a company that complies with the regulations and respects the control entities.

the hiring outsourcing and payroll outsourcing has several benefits such as: joining a company that knows your company’s processes, reducing and controlling operational costs and having an expert ally such as Asertempo Colombia for manage personnelappropriately, and thus meet the requirements that the control entities indicate.

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