First it is necessary to understand what is the recruitment of personnel, which is understood as the way in which a company attracts potential candidates for a position. It is an important process, since the better the recruitment process is managed, the more and better candidates will be presented to fill the required vacancies. There are mainly different sources of recruitment:

Internal sources of selection:

Employees working within a company are prime candidates for a new vacancy and for a promotion.

External sources of selection:

They are those where potential candidates for a vacancy are attracted. It is there that Asertempo Colombia becomes its main ally, in order to provide the most prepared candidates for a position. Asertempo Colombiaassures you that by recruiting staff through the different sources, you will be able to obtain benefits such as:

  • Income of staff with new ideas and other experiences that will enrich your company.
  • Savings in training, because Asertempo Colombia assures you that the chosen candidate has the skills that your company requires for the position.
  • Increase diversity in your company, and thus improve performance, according to a study by the School of Industrial Organization.
  • By recruiting with Asertempo Colombia, you achieve an important alliance with a company that has the necessary experience to support you in your internal requirements and from the hand of qualified professionals who advise you and help you with your needs.
  • Greater competitiveness by having the best personnel for your company.
  • With Asertempo Colombia, your company ensures that you have access to more andbetter talents.
  • If your company hires by internal sources of selection, you can find in Asertempo Colombia an ally to help you with the evaluation processes, and thus find the best candidate, who fits the characteristics and / or skills required.
  • With Asertempo Colombia, the recruitment of personnel is not a problem, because we establish efficient communication with our strategic allies and keep up-to-date with the platforms and alliances that allow us to wide-ranging sources of recruitment to offer to user companies.
  • At Asertempo Colombia, we make use of ICTs, in order to improve the experience of our allies and candidates.

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