Do you need to implement the SG-SST Occupational
Health and Safety Management System in your company?

Occupational Health and Safety Management System

We carry out the Diagnosis, implementation and maintenance of the organization’s SG-SST based on the parameters required by Colombian Law for this type of process.



Concentrate your efforts and talent on the development and growth of your business.
Implementation instruments of the regulations dictated by law.
You can make adjustments that the system offers you once the necessary phases have been implemented.
Incorporation of SG-SST in quality processes that can be part of the complete, easily auditable quality management system.
Optimize the time of your operation.
It has an expert ally in SG-SST Outsourcing functions.
Met requirements that can be a differential factor when required by your suppliers and customers.
Advice from qualified experts who help you with your follow-ups and suggest adjustments for your collaborators and your organization.


Have a strategic partner in Outsourcing processes in the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ith highly qualified and specialized personnel.


Diagnosis of the current SG-SST

Identify the current status of the SG-SST in light of the requirements of the law, careful review of current information.

Diagnostic document of the current situation and work plan to be developed to reach the minimum level required by law in a short period of time.

Survey documentation and basic implementation

Preparation and execution of the documentation and activities required for legal compliance.

Required SG-SST documentation and preliminary evaluation of the ARL for implementation level qualification.

    SG-SST implementation and maintenance

    Complete monitoring of the implementation and maintenance del sistema según of the system according to its regulations, by Asertempo Asertempo, its expert advisor in the Outsourcing functions of SG-SST.

    Documentation updated monthly.

    Attention and representation f the company, before a visit by control entities.

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