Do you know the social environment of the
personnel who work in your company?

Home visits

A direct analysis is carried out in the field to the applicant’s place of residence seeking to verify the composition of her family nucleus, socioeconomic level, analysis of the family and social environment, personal and family behavior; subsequently, we present the client with a report with: Photographic record, personal and family information, and other candidate information.

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Direct verification is carried out in the field, visiting the applicant’s place of residence, composition of her family nucleus, socioeconomic level, distribution of social spaces, personal and family behavior.

Take note of and verify the applicant's information.
Minimize the risks in the contracting processes.
Increase security within your company.
Periodically verify through these studies the suitability of the personnel who works in your company
Select the personnel with the talent and skills required for your organization.


We present a report with: photographic record, address verification, personal, family information and other candidate information.

Family group description:

People with whom the candidate lives, family financial situation and properties, making a general analysis of the candidate’s situation in relation to her family and her psychosocial environment.

Family dynamics:

Description of the interaction, use of free time, self-image, projects and family values.

Description of the house:

Tenure, owners, length of stay in the dwelling, public services, type of dwelling, distribution, endowment and location

Neighborhood reference:

Concept that the evaluated person’s neighbors and their family group have, confirmation of residence.

Geographical location of the house:

Routes, accesses, type of sector, public services and distance to the workplace.

Estimated time:

Once the request is received, the visit will take place and you will also receive the report within five (5) business days of the request.

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