An appropriate choice of clothing colors, as well as mastery of body language, are decisive factors in a job interview.

In addition to an adequate personal presentation and self-confidence, body movements and tone of voice are key factors when presenting a job interview.

This is revealed by a study advanced by the professor at the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) and social psychologist Albert Merhrabian, who demonstrated the relative power of verbal and non-verbal messages in face-to-face encounters.

It is estimated that the impact a person reaches in an interview will be conditioned by the coherence between the words and the way in which they are transmitted. In this sense, body language plays a key role since it allows other messages to be communicated thanks to the tone of voice used and the expressions used.

In this context, Pilar Guzmán Lizarazo –expert in etiquette and protocol, as well as president of the School of Public Relations and Protocol Foundation (FERP) – released a series of tips and recommendations to take into account when presenting for a job interview.

“A job interview does not only represent knowledge and skills, it symbolizes the best scenario so that in a time of four to 10 seconds we demonstrate the ability to create a good impression and generate confidence,” says Guzmán.

Initial recommendations
  • When you arrive at your interview site, do not shake hands with your interviewer, wait for him to act and say hello.
  • Do not sit down until you are invited to sit because that chair may not be for you.
  • When carrying a large portfolio or briefcase, place it on the floor, never on the back of the chair where you are going to sit.
  • If it is a man or a woman, sitting is the same: legs together.
  • Avoid movements with your mouth, nose and hands.
  • Your gaze should be at the height of the interviewer’s horizon line.
  • Clothing should be consistent with the job that applies: for example, an advertiser can go in jeans or denim, without a tie or short sleeves in hot weather.
  • It is recommended to wear straight or missing boot pants at knee height.
  • Shoe not too high (it will be very complicated).
  • No accessories, no scarves or scarves.
  • No strong makeup, no lip gloss just lipstick.
  • Nails natural color (French) or transparent.
  • Hair preferably collected.
    By last:
    • When the interview is over, you should stand up but do not shake hands until the interviewer does. And never ask when they will give you an answer.
    • Remember that you will always be assessing the candidate’s leadership capacity, his strategic vision, flexibility, adaptation to change and his spatial mobility.
    • There is nothing to hide, including personal data, this type of data often speeds up selection and it is better to be honest and open. You can ask all the questions about the position and the company.

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