The imposition to which companies have been forced in the midst of the health emergency by COVID 19, has led companies to implement telework as an option to maintain their companies, lessen the economic impact and avoid massive layoffs of their workers. This crisis constitutes a great challenge to implement tools that support digital transformation and telework.

For this reason, at Asertempo Colombia, a leading company in talent and human resource management, we make some recommendations to implement teleworking with the aim of promoting the integral and sustainable development of the company and its employees in times of crisis.

Institutional commitment.

It is important to highlight that it is necessary to count on the support and will of the top managers of the user companies, to establish strategies aimed at the execution of telework, in order to carry out shared planning that allows the objectives of the user company to be met and of its collaborators.

Staff evaluation.

Not all employees adapt to this type of telework easily, so it is essential to potentiate the following qualities: ability to concentrate, self-motivation, organization of time, it must be ensured that employees have a sense of belonging to the company and thus achieve a benefit mutual.

Identify and evaluate psychosocial risk factors.

In situations of mandatory isolation that we have been facing, high levels of stress and anxiety can occur, leading to inappropriate behaviors in your family and work circle, for this reason the company must have an ally specialized in the analysis of psychosocial risks through the use of adequate tools that help to identify variables in these aspects, added to other support elements such as home visits, to determine if there are possible risks in the environment, the management of family and social relationships that they offer as a result , the reduction of risk factors in worker performance in their new work scheme.

Finally, this crisis has allowed companies and workers to face great challenges at the organizational level and rethink the telework model as a new work lifestyle, which allows organizations to reduce fixed costs in infrastructure and public services, increase productivity with the implementation of work by objectives, absence of work absenteeism and decrease with problems of coexistence between workers and their families.

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