For Asertempo Colombia it is important within therecruitment of personnel and subsequent selection of personnel, to verify the family, academic, financial and judicial information of the applicants to hire. Therefore, it offers the option of making home visits, so that the user company is aware of the environment in which the applicants operate, to avoid behaviors that may be risky within the company.
What risks can be avoided through home visits ?: legal risks, reputation risks, personal risks and financial risks.

Home visits have benefits such as:selecting the best talent and achieving a suitable and committed team for your company.

In Asertempo Colombia We are sure that it is important to include additional processes when looking for profiles in which the best people to hire can be obtained by analyzing aspects of the applicants that include psychographic, family, geographic, legal, financial variables, etc., obtaining the necessary information to deliver to our user companies through detailed reports that allow the choice of the best candidates.

Tips for applicants:
  • First of all, be honest, do not make the mistake of taking the consultants or psychologists in charge of the home visit to a house that is not yours. Secondly, remember that the person who makes the home visit is a professional in such matters and will quickly realize their deception.
  • Keep in mind that you must be very sincere when answering the questions that are asked during the home visit, since this is also part of the security study that Asertempo Colombia carries out for applicants to hire.
  • It is important to have your house clean and take care of your image on the day of the home visit. In addition to having the best possible attitude. This will help them have a better impression of you and your family.
  • Tell your family members or the people with whom you live with whom you will receive the home visit the position you are applying for: functions, hours, etc. so that if the person in charge of the visit asks them they have the necessary tools to correctly answer what that is relevant.
  • Be truthful with the data you enter into your resume. Through the home visit, the professional will verify the veracity of your data.

In conclusion, atAsertempo Colombia we are concerned with carrying out home visits in the best way, fully verifying the information provided by the candidates. To guarantee our clients the choice of the best personnel for their companies.

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