Long-term memory is a key element to carry out our daily tasks without errors and autonomously. This type of memory refers to the brain’s ability to store knowledge or skills and later retrieve those memories.
Long-term memory is a very large and complex capacity that involves a large number of brain structures. Fortunately, practice and cognitive training can improve this important cognitive function.

The human brain does not store memories in a single structure. On the contrary, the different types of memory are stored in differentiated brain regions, they are usually divided into two large subtypes: Explicit memory and implicit memory.

  • Explicit memory: Being declarative has to do with all those memories that are consciously available.
  • Implicit memory: It refers to the ability to perform movements or use objects; for example, riding a bike or using a pen

To improve memory, it can be stimulated, developed and activated, if time is invested in working on them and a lifestyle with healthy habits is promoted.
There are different resources that can contribute to a better stimulation of memory systems. How to improve memory ?:

  • Stimulate the body: many studies defend the correlation between the realization of physical exercise and a better productivity in the memory systems.
  • A correct diet:in addition to a healthy diet, there are certain foods that are related to an increase in memory activity.
  • Rest:It is very important for the activation of memory, the hours of rest are also essential for its correct functioning, recommending a sleep of 8 hours a day.
  • Exercises: to reinforce memory and give it a more productive use, it is stimulated with games that allow memory improvement. Find memory games in our networks.

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