Psychotechnical tests are frequent tests in job selection processes, they will face one or more of them as part of the selection tests. Remember that when taking these tests you should be calm and attentive to the questions they are asking you, here are some tips you can put into practice:

1. Pay close attention to the instructions for resolving the tests. Make sure how and where to point out the answers, how long it counts, how to delete in case of error, etc.

2. Read the entire statement of questions, paying attention to keywords (yes, no, always, sometimes, never, etc.) and details. Once read, mentally anticipate your answer before reading the alternatives.

3. The answer alternatives before pointing out the correct one. There is only one correct answer and it should be the best of all options.

4. If failed responses are negatively valued, it is best to leave blank those you do not know.

5. Pay attention when pointing out the alternative selected on the answer sheet to avoid mechanical failures.

6. Beware of negative formulations: always indicate otherwise.

7. If the answer you consider correct does not appear among the alternatives presented in the test, act by exclusion,remove the false ones and decide among the remaining ones.

8. Try to get to the end of the test and answer the maximum questions. To avoid wasd time, leave the difficult questions for the end. Remember that all questions in a test have the same value.

9. Maintain the optimal level of concentration throughout the test. Channel the voltage generated by the situation.

10. Pre-training in psychotechnical tests is important to familiarize yourself with the exam situation and achieve the best result.

These tips for passing psychotechnical tests we hope are helpful.

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