The resume It is the first general impression that the recruiter takes from you. This will also serve as the basis for the completion of your first selection before moving on to the second stage of “the interview”. About 1 minute is the time the recruiter takes to review your resume. For this, his CV it must attract the most of its attention, it must also highlight its personality, it must be clear and concise. Imagine your resume as an advertising brochure “Promote yourself and show your best.”
The 5 steps to create a successful resume:
1. Adapt your resume according to the offer
Adapt your resume according to the requested profile, that is, evaluate and adapt your CV with the strengths, experiences and knowledge that you have and that the company is looking for to occupy a certain position.
2. Differentiating resume format
The format of your resume or resume must be thinking to attract the recruiter’s attention, must meet the characteristics of the requested position and must be easy to interpret. In addition, if you are applying for a position in the design area, a resume with many colors it will correspond very well to the position and its personality. Unlike if you apply for a position in the engineering area, your CV should be a little more classic and sober.
3. Content of the curriculum vitae
personal information
  • Name
  • last name
  • age
  • Dress
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Phone
  • Do not post a photo on the cropped beach, or a photo with a colored background, or a photo where you have casual clothing. Choose a photo that shows appropriate clothing, preferably on a white or dark blue background and that appears neither very serious nor very smiling. Keep in mind that through the photo the recruiter extracts some key elements for their selection.
  • Universities (Name – Country – City) and degrees obtained
  • Languages ​​handled and Level
  • Software and digital tools managed
Work experiences
  • For each of the work experiences mention:
  • Company name and activity
  • Position held
  • Main tasks performed during this work experience
  • Achievements
Additional training and interests or hobbies
  • Other formations that may influence in your favor
  • sports
  • Travels
  • Passions
Labor references
Do not forget that for each of the job references mentioned, it is important to indicate the contact details of the person mentioned. This is done in order to provide all the necessary information to the recruiter in case you want to contact the person who can refer you.
  • Name and surname
  • Position held
  • Contact details (telephone and professional e-mail)


4. Final review of your resume
  • Delete any misspellings. We advise you to print your HV so that you can read it in more detail, you can check its consistency and better identify misspellings. Not only that, print your resume also to know if the fields are well structured, the colors come out as you want. Etc. Because imagine that you send your resume by e-mail and that when printed by the recruiter, it doesn’t work. . What a bad luck!
  • Evaluate your resume from another perspective. Put yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and ask yourself if your CV is totally compelling.
  • Feel comfortable and confident with what you write on your resume. Remember that on the day of the interview you must justify or support some of the points mentioned. Never lie on your resume!
  • Ask a friend or family member to read your CV. Ask her for her point of view on design, consistency, readability and clarity. Depending on what was observed and with the due feedback received, improve it before sending it to the company you wish to apply for.
5. Sending your resume via email
In case you should send an email with your resume as an attachment; keep in mind that it is essential to use formal language in this (DO NOT TUTE), it must not contain misspellings, you must mention a maximum of 5 lines of your motivation and give a short introduction to your HV (for example: mention your last work done. an element that you know that the company may be interested in). It is to give the recruiter a mouthful and encourage him to read his submitted CV (HV).

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