It is certainly difficult to supply an important member of your company.
The moment you receive the news about his resignation or his departure, it is possible to feel various emotions that can manifest as anguish, thinking about how the rest of the team will react.

For this reason, when you are in charge within an organization, it is important that you face these situations in the best way, because with the security that you respond to this event, you will be able to influence X or Y in the other members of the company. , generating possibilities for reflection within the team.

In the same way, you should review your own reactions, since if you try to communicate a positive message, but your emotions demonstrate the opposite, your body language will be affected and will provoke reactions among your collaborators, which will not generate the credibility that you hope to transmit.

When you have reflected on the reaction, you can work through a process that could minimize the fact of the departure of a member of the team.
A good start may be to celebrate the new challenge that the person who leaves will undertake and the challenge that the person who replaces him / her will have to take on, as there are organizational objectives to be met as a team.

It is recommended to take time within the day to dedicate a few good words to the person who was part of the team and share their experiences, which may have contributed to the members of the organization in pursuit of the objectives.

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