For a long time companies have wasted resources and time due to poor personnel selection,Asertempo Colombiauses an evaluation methodology to guarantee an optimal and adequate selection according to the nature of the position.

Identify the competencies of the position to occupy:

This is very important because if this process is carried out in an effective way it will decrease staff turnover, optimize the growth of your company and the losses in hiring costs will decrease significantly.

Selection processes must be carried out objectively:

It is also very important that a trained professional is in charge of evaluating the applicant’s competences, in many cases the people who carry out these selection and evaluation processes do not take into account key factors in these processes, making the company look bad and committing resources Of the same.

Advice regarding the profile and position:

Asertempo Colombia, offers advice regarding the characteristics demanded by the position in the market vs. the request sent, in order to align the profile of the vacancy, the needs of the position and the salary conditions offered by THE CLIENT COMPANY.

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