At Asertempo Colombia we have studied and identified the most common errors that are committed in the process of selection and hiring of personnel, errors that we are going to define and thus put them in perspective to avoid committing them.

A short and somewhat objective selection of staff:

Personnel are often selected in a non-objective way for the position or positions that they are going to fill in their organizations. For this reason, the characteristics of the required personnel must be taken into account.

In Asertempo Colombia We carry out specialized interviews managed by qualified professionals, as a result we apply specific tests for the different positions in which the competences, the qualities necessary to obtain high quality in the personnel reviewed in the selection processes that are subsequently delivered to the user companies.

Blindly believe in the resume of the postulates:

In many occasions we limit ourselves to the information that the applicants give us in their resumes, assuming that said information is true, without carrying out the respective verifications.

Thus, reliable reports are generated that account for the credibility that an applicant can show, being able to complete these processes with security studies that deepen the reliability of the data provided.

Monitoring and control of our applicants:

Failure to carry out an efficient process of accompaniment of the applicant to achieve an effective induction and subsequent joining, implies the rotation of personnel within the company which represents expenses of money and time, during the monitoring and control processes.

Asertempo Colombiaensures the effectiveness of its recruitment and selection and hiring of personnel processes, carrying out adjusted processes that are subsequently validated through service quality surveys, offering guarantees to user companies in the promises of value offered and support in all processes. .

First, to make an appropriate Hiring personnel must have a strategic ally that allows them to carry out their internal processes, establishing supports in their requirements that result in the achievement of an appropriate, adjusted and suitable team that works in a synchronized manner and that has clear organizational objectives.

In conclusion, from the hand of an expert you can reach the goals more effectively. Let us do it and trust our company.

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